Come and Get MoonXBT’s Bulky Gift Pack for this World Cup!

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Tukoh, tukoh taka, tukoh tuh, ta-ta…..

MoonXBT football token

Many of you must have already soaked in the passion of the Qatar FIFA World Cup right now. But if you are not yet, MoonXBT has prepared a bulky gift pack to totally ignite your world cup passion and extend the passion beyond the games.

MoonXBT’s super-sized World Cup pack includes 10K USDT prizes, Football Token, Football NFT, and Football Token staking yields.

Earn Soccer Score, Share 10,000 USDT prize


To celebrate the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 kick-off, MoonXBT has launched an event called “Get FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Soccer Score, Share 10,000 USDT prize”.

Users whose daily trading amount reaches 50,000 USDT can get 1 soccer score. Or, users whose net deposit on MoonXBT reaches or exceeds 300 USDT can get 1 soccer score. Users with 1–10 soccer scores can get 5 USDT trading bonus. But the rewards will be added up along with the increase in the soccer score. The rewards range from 5 USDT trading bonus all the way up to 4,000 USDT. If you have a soccer score of 56, you can take 4,000 USDT at home all at once. For other tiers of rewards, users can refer to the form on this page.

Support your team, Get MoonXBT Football Token

MoonXBT football token event

Certainly, you have to do something to go to Qatar, like retweet, or join a telegram group, but the most important is to buy MoonXBT Football Token of any amount. It is worth it because you can not only have the chance to win the prize from predictions but also have the potential gain from the price appreciation in the secondary market of the tokens.

MoonXBT has issued 32 tokens for the 32 teams in the game and you can choose one or more tokens to buy. Holding the token means you think the team you choose can make a good performance. Once your teams eliminate other teams, you can win the token of the eliminated teams and gain profits.

MoonXBT issued these tokens as a prediction crypto derivative for participants to engage with the World Cup at a deeper level. Notice that the tokens will only be available during the cup and they will be converted into USDT after the cup and not circulating anymore.

Get MoonXBT Football NFT, Own World Cup Digital Assets

MoonXBT has also released Football Token NFT passes. The Football Token NFTs include five different designs, the quantity for each NFT design is 20, and the total quantity of the NFT passes is 2000.

Getting the NFT passes are beneficial both directly and indirectly. For direct benefits, those who obtain the NFT passes will gain 10 USDT by default because that’s the worth of the digital asset on the market currently.

But those who are familiar with the NFT market must know, the real charm of NFTs is their unexpected performance in the secondary market. Right now, the MoonXBT Football NFT passes are also listed on OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace. The pass holders may also enjoy surprising appreciation of the asset once the NFT trading unfolds.

At this phase, it’s not hard at all to get the NFT passes. All the users need to do is follow the Twitter account of MoonXBT Global, and pay attention to the NFT-related Twitter posts, you will get a chance to be included in the group where MoonXBT Football Token NFT passes will be airdropped to the 2000 participants randomly.

Get Passive Income from this Winter World Cup

In addition to MoonXBT’s Football Token derivative, token subscribers of MoonXBT 2022 Football Token can also choose to stake any amount of their holding token and earn returns on the staked value at an annualized yield rate of 25%, a rate that’s been rarely seen compared to any other crypto staking products.

No matter if your supported team wins or loses, you will get the above passive income simply by putting your purchased token in the staking pool starting effective the moment you click the “stake” button and confirm the staked amount. The return will be calculated and distributed daily! The platform scans the user’s staked value every hour and gets the average staked value of the day at UTC 0:00 every day and settles the daily income. Once the token holder starts staking, he or she will see the growth of the asset in the account every morning waking up.

All the above events are only valid during the World Cup! Stop waiting, get fun, and get profits during this winter’s Qatar World Cup!

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