How to Spend 1 USDT to Earn 10,000 USDT Quickly?

MoonXBT Trading Battle
MoonXBT Global Trading Battle

1. You need to click here to register an account;

2. click here to log in to the account you just registered;

3. After logging in, click here, find the following battle room (MoonXBT Global Trading Battle) and click to join this battle (as shown in the figure, you will be prompted that 1 USDT is required to join the battle)

MoonXBT Trading Battle

4. After joining the battle, click “trade” to trade any contract. When you open a position and close a contract order, you will see your own rate of return (ROE).

5. At the same time, you will see that the winner’s reward will increase with the number of participants;

6. You can also pay attention to your ranking among the participants, adjust your strategy at any time, and improve your ROE through trading contracts; (I will give you a small tip, if you want to quickly improve your ranking, you can open multiple contract orders, and close orders when appropriate)

Tranding Battle Ranking

It’s that simple, if you are lucky, you will get the highest prize of about 10,000 USDT after the battle.

Join MoonXBT

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