Make a Wish to the Moon: Get Mystery Boxes on MoonXBT

3 min readJun 15, 2022


We may be from different areas of the world, but we share one moon.

Just as the June 14th strawberry full supermoon lights up the sky, MoonXBT launches the limited-time “Wish Mystery Boxes” community campaign to light up the community. Invite your friends to make a wish together and earn up to 3000 USDT!

The “Wish Mystery Boxes” campaign contains three kinds of boxes which each have:

  • 200 USDT trading bonus
  • Surprise gift
  • Triple benefits.

Users need to participate in the following three procedures to get the above three boxes respectively. One user is allowed to participate in all the three sub-campaigns and has the possibility to win all the prizes worthing of 3,000 UDSDT if lucky enough. All the procedures will be carried out on the Twitter of MoonXBT-global.

First — get 200 USDT trading bonus

Be attentive to MoonXBT global twitter where there will be a post presenting you with three mystery boxes. Participants need to guess which one of the three is the one containing 200 USDT trading bonuses by leaving their choices in the comment and tagging three of their friends at the same time. Two users who have done so and guessed the right box can have the 200 USDT trading bonus.

A little tip here: The clues have been announced in the MoonXBT telegram group, join the community to find clues. Also, you can expect the next upcoming surprising rewards.

Second — get a mystery gift

This time, users will be presented with only one mystery box which contains a surprise gift. The reward will be among NFTs, tokens, bonuses, etc whose value is no less than 500 USDT. Participants need to guess what the surprise gift is by leaving their answers in the comment and again tag three of their friends in the comment section. Two of the lucky participants will be randomly selected and earn the surprise gift regardless of whether or not they have the right answers.

Third-get triple benefits

With this procedure, users have a chance to earn triple benefits.

  1. Regular users who recommend new users to register and deposit 50U can fill in this form below and participate in the lucky draw. Two lucky users will be rewarded with a 50 USDT trading bonus each.
  2. New users whose trading volume on MoonXBT reaches 2000 USDT or more and regular users whose trading volume on MoonXBT reaches more than 10000USDT can participate in the third lucky draw. Again, fill out the form below and tag 3 friends if you meet the above condition. Two users, one new user, and one old user will be randomly selected and each will be rewarded 600 USDT.
  3. After this community ends, you will also be welcome to leave a comment about your expectation of the content of the “Wish Mystery Boxes” for next time. 30 users who express their further wishes will be selected and earn 10 USDT trading bonus.

Terms and Conditions:

Event period: 2022–06–15 08:00 AM to 2022–07–01 07:59 AM (UTC)

Winners will be selected on July 3 based on the rules.

Eligible winners are real users who meet all of the above requirements.

Rewards will be issued directly to the winner’s UID account within 10 working days after the event ends.

Any cheating will result in disqualification and disqualification.

Participating users need to ensure that the information provided is true, otherwise, they will be disqualified from winning.

Rewards in the event can be collected cumulatively.

MoonXBT reserves the right to disqualify users.

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