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In the first half of 2021, the global encrypted digital assets and their trading markets usher in a new period of active liquidity. With the infrastructure of the encrypted digital asset industry improving rapidly, the gradual enrichment of trading categories, and more and more traditional trading investors entering the market, derivative financial products and tools led by contract trading have gained more value utilization space, making contract trading services in the cryptocurrency market become an indispensable part in the trading system.

For traders, there is no doubt that contract transactions with a two-way trading mechanism and high leverage are like adrenaline, hedge against the risk of spot price declines and high-risk investments is the best choice of mainstream contract traders.

The Innovator of Light Contract Trading platform — MoonXBT

As a global service-oriented cryptocurrency light contract (LC, Light Contract) platform, MoonXBT is committed to providing investors with a light, efficient and convenient contract trading environment. Headquartered in the Cayman Islands, MoonXBT has offices in many regions around the world, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, etc. MoonXBT has the world’s top contract development team and bank-level secure transaction system.

( MoonXBT Website Interface )

Some people believe concision cannot reflect their own sophistication and intelligence, but you deliberately make things complicated and obscure by appearing knowledgeable, from my perspective, people like this are often not knowledgeable, and they can’t be counted as real scholars. Those who explain complex things in a simple and easy-to-understand way are real wise people.” — -famous entrepreneur and philosopher Kazuo Inamori in the world.

A bunch of platforms, at present, their trading process and trading scenarios are rather complicated. After registering an account, the service can only be opened after lengthy rule interpretation, multiple authentication and cumbersome evaluation. When entering the contract trading page, you can see various indicators or analysis tools such as funding rate, liquidation line, mark price, counterparty price, etc., which is too much for novice users to pay attention to the line marks that making traders in a dilemma.

Whether it is the cumbersome clause mechanism or the intricate financial transaction process, they are all ‘obstacles’ that disrupt consumers’ decision-making, but they do not exist in MoonXBT.” When MoonXBT was launched, the founder Jett mentioned that “transactions should be simple and comfortable, and making contract transactions light and convenient is the corporate vision of MoonXBT.

Light trading process and simple operation interface are one of the advantages of MoonXBT light contract trading platform. Traders can start to trade after successfully one-step registered. In the process of trading, you may mainly use margin、leverage, buy and sell positions,which three key operations can help you to complete the order transaction.

MoonXBT Features

Fair and reasonable prices

MoonXBT platform toggles the trading price of the global head spot market in real-time, calculates its weighted average, as the market price of contract trading.

Unlike other platforms, MoonXBT provides two types of candle lines,respectively. You can toggle between the ASK or BID K lines in the trading screen, which will make it easier for traders to study price trends and make trades at the best time. Those two lines using a weighted average reached the final price by anchoring the trading price of the global head spot market in real-time calculates. In this way, the price becomes very accurate and avoids possible manipulation in specific markets.

trading view on MoonXBT

MoonTech: millisecond average execution speed

MoonXBT is a cryptocurrency light contract platform, owning world’s leading Research and Innovation technology system, MoonTech, which is a low-latency and high-concurrency trading system in the industry, providing you to complete the transaction within millisecond. Just as the number of tracks determines the passenger throughput capacity of a transportation hub station; similarly, the number of transaction channels determines the processing capacity of a contract trading platform. Traders do not need to wait on MoonXBT, with a fingertip and a blink of an eye, and order will be completed within milliseconds, helping traders seize market opportunities and achieve profitability.

Applicable leverage 150x max;hot coins up to 100x leverage

Leveraged transactions in the spot market generally provide 1x to 5x leverages. Traders need to use a certain amount of credit or mortgage to finance the currency, and pay the interest on time, and then trade long or short.

According to demand, a trader can flexibly adjust after opening a position, when price changing smaller, a trader can use leverage to raise investment, accelerating capital growth.

The leverage ratio of 1:150 is equivalent to use 1BTC to leverage 150BTC, and the profit increases by 150 times. What is more, the platform provides a flexible gradient margin function to ensure the best trading experience for traders.

Open a position with 1U; 0.05% for transaction fee

It is worth noting that the minimum single threshold of light contract on MoonXBT is 1U, which means traders only need to pay out 1U to open positions. It is a very low “margin” for opening a position, compared with other contract trading platforms.

When doing a trading, I thought what traders all concern about is transaction fee, interest, and other expenses, especially facing a huge market fluctuations and frequent operations.

Years of trading volume or adding leverage, these cases can be a huge expense for high-frequency quant traders.

Lots of contract trading platform either set up the higher funding rate or predicted rate with a complex component like Interest Rate or Premium Index, calculated with every 8-Hour (Since funding occurs every 8 hours, 00:00, 08:00, and 16:00)

MoonXBT works without funding rate, delivery fee costs or any other hidden fees. Users need to focus on the trading fee and overnight fee when opening a position. Compared with other contract trading platforms, MoonXBT’s. The opening fee is as low as 0.05%.

That makes the fees of MoonXBT one of the lowest in the crypto industry.Invite friends get 5% discount and you can also use MP to deduct 5% of the procedure Fee, which is equivalent to a rate of ONLY 0.045%.

MoonXBT | The world’s leading light contract trading platform

A novice friendly trading board — Demo Mode.Support of up to 6 screens for advanced users

MoonXBT has also launched a Demo Trading Mode, which opens to all traders after registering a MoonXBT account with 10,000U as a bonus for each user to help them get started quickly.

Making it possible to traders to securely trade with bonus money, so they can test their strategies and get used to the platform.Most of the crypto platforms are not offering this possibility to traders, even if this seems a standard feature.

For some advanced traders, MoonXBT offers the possibility to display multiple charts to improve their strategies with light contracts trading.

That providing trading in real-time and with several virtual currencies can have the information in all the screens use to trade. So they can adjust the screen pattern by your preference!

Cash in your influence, become a MoonXBT partner ,and earn generous commissions

MoonXBT also has a lucrative affiliate program. In order to expand the group of platform traders, MoonXBT has launched a U-based bonus return incentive mechanism. MoonXBT provides the inviter with a permanent commission return ratio of up to 50%,and carries out higher requirements on the inviter with their customer acquisition and marketing ability. For those digital asset traders with the corresponding capabilities, MoonXBT’s affiliate program is very attractive. The picture below explains more clearly how it works:

Being a MoonXBT partner, apart from getting a permanent commission of up to 50%, you can also participate in exclusive activities customized for partners, enjoy top-notch traffic support and a better service experience as well.

We will conduct partner events from time to time and grant more incentives to high-quality partners, as well as provide high-quality partners top-notch mobile data support, including but not limited to promotional activities such as global head media market announcements and exclusive poster design, simultaneously, being a partnership will have dedicated customer service to offer you with one-to-one service, a better service experience, and more favorable support for the promotion of traders.

In short, MoonXBT, the world’s first trading platform with the concept of light contract, is also one of the fastest-growing platforms in the light contract trading track. Low fees, excellent liquidity, and leverage of up to 150 times are MoonXBT’s platform advantages, beyond that security issues have always been the top priority of the virtual currency market. The MoonXBT risk matrix is ​​monitored throughout the process within 7*24 hours to troubleshoot potential security issues and reduce known security risks based on recommended defense suggestions. To ensure the safety of users’ transactions. MoonXBT is undoubtedly a dark horse in today’s various exchange markets, and it is also your best choice.

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