MoonXBT empowers socialization among cryptonauts in Malaysia offline community event

MoonXBT empowers socialization among cryptonauts in Malaysia offline community event

(March 27, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, GMT+8) To encourage socialization among crypto traders and industry stakeholders, MoonXBT on March 27 organized a star-studded crypto social function as part of its 2022 Malaysia Community series in Trader’s Hotel Club Lounge, Kuala Lumpur from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Leading movers and shakers in the crypto industry had a good discussion on the latest trends of the industry with cryptonauts, who are active in MoonXBT crypto community.

Among the participants are Malaysian Pro Trader Kevin Andreas, CEO of ProximaX Mr. Lon Wong, CEO of Mr. Otto von Nostitz, representatives from, ACCESS Blockchain Association Malaysia, Bitcoin Cash, Satoshi’s Angels, Mars Ecosystem and BNB Chain Asia.

MoonXBT COO George Lee and other members of its Malaysian affiliate also attended also weighed in on the offline get-together.

Sunday’s event also featured a session for participating institutions to present their business and share insights on the current economic conditions.

“MoonXBT’s vision is to optimize adoption of crypto throughout the world and foster connection between expert traders and common users,” said George Lee, COO of MoonXBT, in the opening speech.

In ensuring user’s trading safety, MoonXBT put in place safeguards for risk management by recording from the stretch of traders’ trading history and Fireblocks as the five-star grade custodian of our system, in the prevention of potential cyberattacks, Lee said.

By building a much-coveted crypto trading ecosystem, the MoonXBT provides an unparalleled trading experience for its users, beginners or professionals, in the community, Lee noted.

Through tools such as copy-trading, trading battles provided by the marketplace, cryptonauts can enrich their exploration of crypto trading on products such as options and self-trading futures at the exchange, he continued.

In looking forward, Lee set his sight on diversifying the products offered. Spot trading and fiat onramps, as well as much-welcomed options products like American standalone options and European spread options, are being considered for MoonXBT.

As a leading pioneer in the crypto world, MoonXBT makes it its mission to keep abreast with the trendiest things in the industry. Those in the pipeline for MoonXBT are GameFi, SocialFi, MoonXBT Token and DAO.

“We adopt a progressive policy to continuously improve the platform features and will continue to work with regulators and adhere to compliance,” Lee vowed.

Currently, the platform offers 3 types of most-traded coins, namely the BTC, ETH and DOGE.

MoonXBT got in on the ground floor by releasing options products. Options are widely recognized as a good investment tool that comes with low risk, but high returns.

There is no need to worry about liquidation in options trading. Traders would lose only their premium paid for the option in the worst case.

As one of the flagship products, MoonXBT’s options trading have gained traction since its launch.

In further pushing the return limits for traders on MoonXBT, the exchange managed to lower the options premium, making it 70 percent cheaper than the market rate. In other words, traders will have a bigger return for making the same options bet about future price fluctuation.

What’s more, the exchange offers six different types of expiry time frames to satisfy a wide range of options traders. When Crypto exchanges usually offer options with a shorter expiry time, like 5 minutes to 1 day, to boost trade volume, MoonXBT would offer options with an expiry time that ranges from 5 minutes to 6 months. It’s worth pointing out that the longer the expiry time, the lower the risk the trader will suffer. For those who want to win more profit, options with a shorter expiry time that comes with a lower premium are their choice.

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The first social cryptocurrency trading platform. We provide Contract Trading, Spot trading, Options trading, and Copy Trading Services. Visit:

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