MoonXBT Fosters Synergy among Leading Blockchain Industrial Figures in the Malaysia Crypto Social Function

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The COO of MoonXBT Global, Mr. George Lee on March 27th, officially organized the Malaysia Crypto Social Function (MCSF). This event featured the participation of various leading figures in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields. It represented MoonXBT’s efforts to form meaningful partnerships and foster synergies among the multi-faceted spectrum of blockchain enterprises.

Among the participants are Malaysian Pro Trader Kevin Andreas, CEO of ProximaX Mr. Lon Wong, CEO of Mr. Otto von Nostitz, Ms. Akane Yokoo, Leader of Satoshi’s Angels, representatives from, ACCESS Blockchain Association Malaysia, Bitcoin Cash, Mars Ecosystem and BNB Chain Asia.

Affiliates and influencers have also joined in for an extensive discussion on the current macroeconomic environment and in which manner blockchain technologies could play a part in steering the global digital economy to a more sustainable future.

In his speech, George Lee cemented the vision of MoonXBT as “to optimize the adoption of crypto throughout the world by establishing meaningful connections between influencers and less professional users.”

Lee highlighted safety as the utmost priority undertaken by MoonXBT in building a consistent and stable trading environment. “Our platform upholds the users’ safety through two main pillars: strong technical infrastructure and transparency,” Lee noted.

“Risk management could be executed comprehensively by MoonXBT users through viewing their copy-traders trade histories,” Lee said. “At the same time, the platform uses security infrastructure provided by Fireblocks which acts as a formidable safety custodian of clients’ assets, in the prevention of potential cyberattacks,” Lee added.

MoonXBT has recently introduced a warrant options trading product that carries zero liquidation risk and shares a contract premium that is 70% more affordable than average. Since its launch, the warrant option gained unprecedented traction.

Six different time frames are currently available for warrant traders, up to 1 day as the maximum period. According to Lee, more time frames can show MoonXBT’s efforts to reduce trading risks for its users. However, for those in search of high returns, option positions with a shorter expiry time that comes with a lower premium should be their choices.

Speaking to a star-studded and excited audience, Lee outlined MoonXBT’s future plans. The platform would diversify the range of its products, including spot-trading, fiat-onramps and various other types of options products. These involve American Standalone Options, Touch Options and European Spread Options.

To enrich the MoonXBT ecosystem, MoonXBT sets its sights on other trendy products in the blockchain world. Those that are planned include GameFi, SocialFi, and MoonXBT Token.

“A progressive policy is embedded as the inner character of MoonXBT development team but at the same time we will continue to work with regulators in order to demonstrate our unwavering efforts in compliance affairs,” Lee vowed.


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The first social cryptocurrency trading platform. We provide Contract Trading, Spot trading, Options trading, and Copy Trading Services. Visit:

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The first social cryptocurrency trading platform. We provide Contract Trading, Spot trading, Options trading, and Copy Trading Services. Visit:

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