MoonXBT is launching a new product: USDT Perpetual Contracts.

USDT Perpetual Contracts are the second contract product based on MoonXBT Liquid Contracts, which offers Cryptonauts another choice for contract trading. Let’s look at what USDT Perpetual Contracts are and how to use them.

USDT Perpetual Contracts are a kind of contract, but with no delivery. Traders can hold perpetual contracts forever, as long as they have enough margin to prevent liquidation. That means traders have more space to wait until market prices move into profit.

As there is no expiry time, USDT Perpetual Contracts match leverage perfectly. MoonXBT is devoted to eliminating trading limitations for Cryptonauts and offers higher leverage USDT Perpetual Contracts. A Liquid Contract milestone.

USDT Perpetual Contracts also allow you to hold contracts for a long time, expanding your potential strategies and efficiently managing your margin and profit/loss.

To offer a better experience, MoonXBT improves the advantages of Liquid Contracts with USDT Perpetual Contracts, including cross/isolated margin, no limit on profit multiplier, better depth and lower slippage, etc. You can continue to enjoy the liquidity of MoonXBT and maximize your benefit perpetually.

Try MoonXBT USDT Perpetual Contracts now:



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