MoonXBT Recruits “Moon Landers” Offering 10K Monthly Salary

4 min readJul 7, 2022


The crypto market has experienced quite a downtrend lately. The price of Bitcoin has dropped almost 80% from its peak of more than 60,000 dollars. If the price of an asset drops more than 20%, it can be declared a bearish market for that asset. In that sense, the crypto market has entered a bearish phase by definition.

But, if you are a trader thinking about departing the market, for the time being, think again! There are always chances for people with real talents, even in the bearish market.

Recently, the world’s first crypto social trading exchange MoonXBT launched a “Moon Landers” campaign offering a 10k monthly salary to recruit traders with both good strategies and a fan base to become pro-traders, i.e. “ Moon Landers”, so that traders can still find a way to monetize their trading skills and influence, and the users on the platform can benefit from these traders’ strategies. And together, it can unite the traders and users more strongly during these hard times and still keep intact the dream of “to the moon”.

What is “Moon Landers”

Moon Landers refers to the pro-traders, short for professional traders, of MoonXBT. As one of the earliest crypto-social trading platforms, MoonXBT provides a unique copy trading function allowing users on the platform to follow the trading strategies of the professional traders and have their orders executed automatically.

For those users who are not crypto savvy, especially in terms of crypto derivatives trading, this gives them chances to make profits with the strategies of the more experienced and professional traders. In other words, users are offered the chance to be taken “to the moon” together with their trusted pro-traders.

On the other hand, the traders are deemed as “Moon Landers” who will lead their followers onto the moon. By doing that, they can share 10% of the total gains of their followers and other benefits in lieu of that.

Why recruit “Moon Landers” now?

Given the social features of MoonXBT, it is always a long-term ongoing project to work with excellent traders. But facing the current market now, instead of being shunned, MoonXBT thinks more aggressive measures should be taken to welcome the traders onto the platform.

“We always cherish the traders as great assets. We believe a market like this is a good time for traders to come to the platform to showcase and even improve their trading skills,” says George Lee, the COO of MoonXBT.

Moreover, MoonXBT also thinks it is in the best interest of the users on the platform if it can invite more good traders to share diverse strategies to cope with the current market. Also, involving more traders and initiating more conversations and interactions can help regular users on the platform mitigate the confusion and desperation caused by the status quo of the market and help them to get back their confidence.

What benefits can “Moon Landers” get

After becoming a “Moon Lander”, the pro-trader will be firstly offered a 10K monthly salary to perform their trading strategies and social influence. Their right to share 10% of the profits from the total gains of their followers also remains.

On top of that, once becoming a “Moon Lander”, the trader can receive various support to improve their personal influence as soft power. For instance, they will get marketing resources from MoonXBT helping them with media exposure, social media expansion, and community growth.

MoonXBT will also open personal columns for “Moon Landers” at the homepage of the website to increase the credibility of the traders.

“Moon Landers” will also get a chance to conduct a co-interview with the COO of MoonXBT and earn the honor medal of “Moon Lander”.

All the traders have to do to become “Moon Landers” is just to fill out a “Moon Landing Ticket”.

Other benefits of the “Moon Lander” campaign

To land on the Moon, the landers wouldn’t succeed without help from the public. None-trader participants can also benefit from supporting the campaign.

During the campaign, participants can share up to 10K USDT trading bonus rewards if they retweet the campaign on social media and tag their friends. Or, they can share 90 USDT plus 200 trading bonus based on their ranking of inviting their friends to register as passengers on MoonXBT during the time period of the campaign.

The MoonXBT spaceship is waiting. Get ready to join as “Moon Landers” or “Moon Passengers”. For more information about the campaign, please visit:

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