MoonXBT Transmission#19: The First Liquid 100x OP/USDT Contract, Optimism’s OP Token, Diversifying User Experience, MoonXBT’s Giving Back to LUNA Sufferers Resonates with Community

4 min readJun 10, 2022


From the Cryptoverse comes the MoonXBT Transmission #19! Incorporate the most recent MoonXBT Weekly Updates, Events, and Announcements into your crypto journey, as well as the most important Crypto Market and Trading news.MoonXBT has announced the launch of a 100x OP/USDT contract, as well as the token’s excitement for a more diverse user experience,Last but not least, MoonXBT is still looking after LUNA customers by issuing refunds and launching fresh initiatives in order to restore trust in the cryptocurrency industry.

Transmitting to all MoonXBT Cryptonauts:

Major cryptocurrencies were trading in the negative at the writing time, as the global crypto market cap fell 2.65% to $1.23 trillion on the previous day. Over the previous 24 hours, the overall crypto market volume increased by 21.76 percent to $67.03 billion.

The overall volume in Defi was $7.02 billion, accounting for 10.48 percent of the entire 24-hour activity in the crypto market. The overall volume of all stable currencies was $57.81 billion, accounting for 86.23 percent of the entire 24-hour volume of the crypto market.

Market Recap

At the time of writing, the price of BTC was $30,199, ETH $1,794, XMR $186.030, and LTC ​​$61.24.

What’s Hot This Week At MoonXBT

Coins Burnin’ Up

BTC/USDT, OP/USDT and ADA/USDT were the most popular coins in the previous week.

MoonXBT Listed Optimism’s OP Token, Diversifying User Experience

We are extending our service to better serve our users by integrating OP token for contract trading. You may now enjoy the various OP benefits here at MoonXBT.

MoonXBT Has Listed The First 100x OP/USDT Liquid Contract

The listing of OP/USDT demonstrates that MoonXBT products, such as the Liquid Contract, have high liquidity and provide crypto investors with superior services and a wider range of options.

MoonXBT’s Giving Back to LUNA Sufferers Resonates with Community

MoonXBT’s giving back to the community initiative has struck a chord with the community, drawing hundreds of people from Southeast Asia, Turkey, Latin America, and beyond.

Deposit and Earn Rewards(Event in Turkey)

Deposit between 27 May — 10 June and get your reward. Awards to be given according to the amount of investment.

Invite Your Friends to MoonXBT and Share the Prize Pool of 1000 USDT(Event in Turkey)

Refer your friends and get bonuses between 27 May — 13 June. The maximum amount of rewards you can win for each of your 2 friends you refer.

Earn Money by Trading(Event in Turkey)

Make volume and claim your prize between 27 May — 10 June. Prizes to be given according to the amount of volume.

MoonXBT’s Mission Report

Exchange Data

New trading volumes: 15.8%

New user registration: 14.2%

The biggest Referral income: $11.6k

The trader with the highest profit: U1060****76 ROI: 228%

MoonXBT Leverage Trading Ratio

BTC Market Sentiment

“You can’t stop things like Bitcoin. It will be everywhere and the world will have to readjust. World governments will have to readjust.”

John McAfee

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June 9th, 2022

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