MoonXBT Transmission#20: MoonXBT Top-up Carnival, Make a Wish to the Moon: Get Mystery Boxes on MoonXBT, New Referral Program of MoonXBT Has Launched, Join and Get Unlimited Rewards!

The MoonXBT Transmission #20 is ascending from the Cryptoverse. Include the hottest MoonXBT Weekly Updates, Events, and Announcements in your Crypto adventure, as well as the high-impact Crypto Market and Trading news. MoonXBT Top-up Carnival, share in 180,000 USDT, Make a wish to the Moon: Get Mystery Boxes on MoonXBT, Finally, a new MoonXBT referral program has begun, so let’s get into the weekly report.

Transmitting to all MoonXBT Cryptonauts:

The global crypto market cap fell 0.67 percent to $901.59 billion in the first 24 hours of writing, putting major cryptocurrencies in the negative. During the same period, however, the total crypto market volume fell 2.34 percent to $70.50 billion.

DeFi’s overall volume was $6.54 billion, accounting for 9.28% of the whole crypto market’s 24-hour volume. The total volume of all stable coins was $60.96 billion, accounting for 86.47 percent of the 24-hour volume of the crypto market.

Market Recap

At the time of writing, the price of BTC was $20,340, ETH $1,089.50, ADA $0.46669, and ZEC ​​$64.531.

What’s Hot this Week at MoonXBT

Coins Burnin’ up

BTC/USDT, BSV/USDT, and ETH/USDT were the most popular coins in the previous week.

MoonXBT Top-up Carnival, Share in 180,000 USDT!

The “Top-up Carnival” event is being held to thank global MoonXBT users for their trust and support. Depositing USDT or cryptocurrencies can earn you a lot of money! 180,000 USDT is yours!

Make a Wish to the Moon: Get Mystery Boxes on MoonXBT

We may come from different parts of the globe, but we all live on the same moon.

MoonXBT Officially Launched a New Referral Program

MoonXBT’s update is now complete, and all functions, such as opening & closing positions, K-line, deposits & withdrawals, and search, are fully operational.

Join and Get Unlimited Rewards(Event in Turkey)

Hurry and participate in this promotion as MoonXBT is currently offering limitless deposit incentives till June 30. Trading is becoming better all the time.

MoonXBT’s Mission Report

Exchange Data

New trading volumes: 14.9%

New user registration: 14.7%

The biggest Referral income: $12.8k

The trader with the highest profit: U1060****39 ROI: 231%

MoonXBT Leverage Trading Ratio

BTC Market Sentiment

Final Thought

I’m much more confident with crypto than with banks or fiat currency because I can actually control it, and the money supply is transparent, and stated upfront. It makes online shopping a lot easier and a lot safer.

― Erik Voorhees

Transmission is a regular newsletter from MoonXBT. A roundup of the crypto and trading space, along with exciting MoonXBT mission updates and more.

Risk warning: Trading digital assets involves significant risk and may result in the loss of your invested capital. You should ensure you fully understand the risks involved and consider your level of experience and investment objectives.

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June 22th, 2022

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