MoonXBT Transmission #31: MoonXBT Prepares Proof of Reserve Disclosure in Spite of Being Constantly Audited by SERC, Buzzing The World Cup and Football Tokens, MoonXBT Thanksgiving exclusive 90,000 USDT reward share, MoonXBT World Cup Prediction

5 min readNov 25, 2022

The MoonXBT Transmission #31 is ascending from the Cryptoverse. Include the hottest MoonXBT Weekly Updates, Events, and Announcements in your Crypto adventure, as well as the high-impact Crypto Market and Trading news. Buzzling World Cup token giveaways: Because we’ve been focused on this incredible event, the World Cup, we’ve been giving away some NFT passes, MoonXBT, the leading crypto social trading exchange, is preparing to show proof of reserves in the next couple of weeks in the effort to enhance user confidence together with the industry, MoonXBT is exclusively providing you with 90.000 shares in honor of Thanksgiving. Last but not least, MoonXBT is hosting a contest during the World Cup season where you can win fantastic prizes by correctly predicting the score.

So let’s get started with our fascinating weekly report cryptonauts.

Transmitting to all MoonXBT Cryptonauts:

Bitcoin, the biggest and most used virtual currency in the world, increased 1.2 percent to $16,695.3. The market price for it was $321 billion. The trade volume was $33.2 billion. “If BTC can hold the gained initiative, it might trade above $18,000 by the end of this week. If the price falls below the current level, it will provide a decent win for bears,” said Edul Patel, CEO and Co-Founder of Mudrex. “Bitcoin has surged in the past 24 hours reacting to the news that Coinbase had two million BTC reserves as of the end of Quarter 3.

Ethereum | With a market capitalization of $146.9 billion, Ethererum, also known as Ether, is the second-largest virtual currency. Ethereum saw $11.5 billion in trades.

Market Recap

At the time of writing, the price of BTC was $16,656, ETH $1,202.20, DOGE$0.08234, and SOL ​​$14.29.

What’s Hot This Week At MoonXBT

Coins Burnin’ Up

DYDX/USDT, APE/USDT, and CRV/USDT were the most popular coins in the previous week.

MoonXBT World Cup Prediction

Come and join us as we experience World Cup Fever; simply predict the outcome to be entered to win fantastic prizes. Three correct responses will be chosen to get the 10 USDT trading incentive!

MoonXBT Thanksgiving exclusive 90,000 USDT reward share!

MoonXBT will host a private event to distribute goodies valued at 90,000 USDT in honor of Thanksgiving!

Event time: 08:00, November 21st — 08:00, November 28th (UTC)

World Cup 2022 Kickoff

To celebrate the World Cup Qatar 2022, MoonXBT is giving away an exclusive NFT Pass airdrop!

To join:

To join:

1. Follow MoonXBT on Twitter
2. Like, RT and Tag 3 friends

3. Comment your MoonXBT UID & Polygon address

MoonXBT Prepares Proof of Reserve Disclosure in Spite of Being Constantly Audited by SERC

The top social trading platform for cryptocurrencies, MoonXBT, is getting ready to reveal proof of reserves in the coming weeks in a bid to boost user and market confidence.

Ask Me Anything on MoonXBT: A Community Dialogue

Become a part of our entertaining and energetic debate regarding the World Cup, football tokens, and a MoonXBT update. This event begins on November 24 at 12:00 UTC.

MoonXBT’s Mission Report

Exchange Data

New trading volumes: 14.5%

New user registration: 14.8%

The biggest Referral income: $157k

The trader with the highest profit: U1060***85 ROI: 237%

MoonXBT Leverage Trading Ratio

BTC Market Sentiment

Final Thought

Within tech, there’s a subgroup of people that are pro crypto and pro blockchain. That’s a very, very robust network and they’re awesome.

-Francis X. Suarez

Transmission is a regular newsletter from MoonXBT. A roundup of the crypto and trading space, along with exciting MoonXBT mission updates and more.

Risk warning: Trading digital assets involves significant risk and may result in the loss of your invested capital. You should ensure you fully understand the risks involved, and consider your level of experience and investment objectives.

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November 25th, 2022

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