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Humans are programmed to be competitive and the thirst for victory is hard-wired into our DNA. In crypto trading, if there is something more exciting than reaping profits, it must be the joy of winning a battle among fellow cryptonauts. Now is your chance to flex your muscles in the global crypto trading arena as MoonXBT, the world’s leading social trading platform has set a stage for crypto enthusiasts to take part in a global trading battle.

MoonXBT’s Global Trading Battle is on in eight countries, namely Russia, Turkey, South America, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan and South Korea. The registration kicked off from April 17th until April 30th, users can take part in the battle at any moment during this period.

The threshold for entering the battle is quite low as crypto traders only need to pay 1 USDT (no additional fees) in exchange for a chance of winning thousands of USDT. In order to spice up the game, the platform will donate 1,000 USDT to the prize pool for every 100 participants in the battle room. The prize pool donation is up to 15,680USDT and an additional 5,000 USDT will be injected when 1,000 participants are recorded.

In the case of 1,000 participants, the top five winners will be rewarded a bonus ranging from 5,980 USDT to 8,843 USDT. Those who rank sixth to tenth will collect a trading bonus ranging from 100 USDT to 500 USDT, an extra award by the exchange if the number of participants exceeds 1,000. High ROE is the key to winning the race, regardless of volume. MoonXBT wants to provide a fair and transparent gaming environment to all traders. The ranking can be seen in real-time and when the result comes out, the bonus will be sent to winners automatically.

Consolation prizes will also be handed out to two lucky traders with 666 and 88 USDT.

George Lee, COO of MoonXBT, said in the crypto trading world, trading is never a lone-wolf game. “For those aspiring trading partners or successful trading experiences to chart their own success, our global trading battle, planned in April, is your answer,” Lee said.

“As the first of such global trading battle, the MoonXBT global trading battle provides an intimate, exciting and colourful trading experience, which is beyond any other platforms or trading events can offer,” he added.

“A social trading exchange, in essence, MoonXBT aims to deepen its social trading feature by constantly bringing together its users in events like this global trading battle, thereby further completing its fully-fledged crypto community,” Lee explained.

“The global battle is triggered by a thread of doubts on the crypto exchange’s social attribute at a famous social media, which caught the attention of crypto influencer Crypto Aty. But the irony is that the doubt, as a matter of fact, gives rise to the global trading battle, making it a strong proof of the exchange’s social attribute,” Lee said.

Initiated by Crypto Aty, MoonXBT held the event in participation with Coincodex, Cambodia Internet Startup Association and Asia blockchain Institution.

Crypto Aty, prompted by the doubts on social media, decided to take this question to practice as experience is the best teacher. Crypto Aty believes the best answer to the question is an open and transparent trading battle, also one of the distinctive features of MoonXBT platform, that is for everyone else to join and see it for themselves.

Crypto Aty brought up the idea with MoonXBT and the platform gladly plays along by offering a bonus to up the ante. Another proof of MoonXBT’s social attribute as the platform takes efforts to communicate and consider traders’ experiences and feelings in the community in a swift and efficient manner.

“To take a punt on the trading battle is actually the beauty of the social trading when traders can resonate with our platform, as well as like-minded cryptonauts in the community. That’s what MoonXBT hopes to accomplish through its quest for crypto adoption and socialization,” Lee stressed.

The trading battle also offers another great experiment for crypto enthusiasts to enjoy the beauty of social trading. Traders can easily have their eyes on the best traders in case they want to create their own success by copying the strategies of the good ones through the one-click copy trading feature offered by the platform in their following trading journey.

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