Top 3 Highlights From Moon XBT’s “Ask Me Anything” — The Future of MoonXBT Edition

3 min readFeb 26, 2022


On the 24th of February 2022, the Chief Operating Officer, George Lee of MoonXBT,

the world’s first social cryptocurrency trading platform focused on the deep integration of trading and social interaction which presently provides contract trading, social interaction, and one-click copy trading services for global traders engaged with MoonXBT traders/users to answer their burning questions about the Future of MoonXBT.

Mr. Lee received very important and interesting questions from our traders and users of the MoonXBT trading platform. In this article, we will highlight and share with you the Top 3 intriguing and exciting questions from our dear users and the complete as well as honest answers from our Chief Operating Officer George Lee.

User 1: “ does MoonXBT’s security infrastructure against cyberattacks have sufficient infrastructure against all attack layers? Is there an account protection program, that is, an insurance fund, against possible attacks?

Mr. Lee — “ We treat this issue as our highest priority. We would like to assure our users of the safety of our platform. We are confident in this as we collaborate with the industry-leading top-rank asset trust platform Fireblocks. Therefore, we are highly confident that our users’ assets are properly safeguarded against the risks of hacking. Here is a link that you could refer to find out more:

User 2: “If you switch to trading at Moonxbt, what benefits do users have compared to other futures margins?”

Mr. Lee- “ At MoonXBT, we are 100% open about what we do and how we do it. We provide reasonable prices backed by the most trusted and reliable financial institutions. Transparent and agile at its core, MoonXBT ensures buyers and sellers are fully aware of the price and quality of order execution they are getting.

We are committed to providing clients with the most competitive spreads and best-in-class order execution. Prices are formed as a result of competitive orders we get from clients and liquidity providers. In addition to the regular bid/ask pricing model, our pricing is backed by additional liquidity from a list of reliable and trusted LPs. They include LMAX Digital, Capital, Binance, Okex, Huobi, Bitstamp, Kraken. MoonXBT’s fast matching and pricing engine ensure that your orders are executed immediately at the asking price or better.”

User 3: “After having done the new type of trading (warrant option), what are the next projects for your client?”

Mr. Lee’s — “Yes, we do have our plans, which consists of Perpetual contract, Spot trading, OTC trading, Launchpad, Social trading, MoonXBT academy, Dual Investment, and others. But as for the plan for the first half-year, here is our product roadmap, please take a look!”

MoonXBT Product Roadmap

Thank you for reading and see you on our next highlights for our “ Ask Me Anything”

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